6 Easy Steps to Login to my iOS App

This morning I downloaded the iOS app of a service I regularly use. Let’s recap the steps it took me to actually use it.

Step One

Login to my password manager because I have no idea what this app’s password is. Immediately am prompted for 2-factor authentication on the password manager.

Step Two

Password manager uses its own dedicated authentication app. Open 2-factor authentication app to confirm code.

Step Three

Go back to password manager and enter 2-factor auth code. Immediately prompted to confirm my identity using iOS fingerprint.

Why am I here again?

…oh that’s right, I need actually copy the password for my new iOS app.

Step Four

Open the app I actually want to use. Paste the password. Login.

Immediately prompted for 2-factor auth, sent via email.

Step Five

Check email, get 2-factor auth code.

Step Six

Go back to the app I actually want to use. Paste password. Login.

BONUS: Step Seven

Remember why it was I wanted to use this app in the first place.

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