Students’ Guide to Successful Handling of Exam Result Anxiety

Just as the vacation or the semester gap comes to an end, you realize it’s time for the exam results! The happy days are gone and all that you feel is the anxiety of the exam results. It is true that waiting for the exam results can be stressful for all the students. Whether you were confident during the exam or not, the mere thought of results is enough to make it stressful for you. You feel a mixture of guilt, panic, and fear about the future. Even if it seems to be a psychological problem, it is not. The anxiety over exam results is quite common and there are thousands of students who face similar situations. The most important thing is to remember that even if things don’t work out the way you expected, there are always alternative options. Life often takes unexpected turns and its mostly for the best!

Don’t bottle up stress!

If you are nervous or stressed, talk about it. You can talk about your feelings and anxiety to your friends or your parents. You may even write down your feelings in a diary. It may feel that no one else is having similar feeling as yours. But when you speak about it to your friends, you will see that there are many students like you who are in the same boat as you! If you are stressed ad nervous you will feel light-headed, shaky, and nauseous. Students often have panic attacks too! So, talk about it and all advises and suggestions could help you soothe.

Have a plan

You need to e organized to reduce stress. Make a proper plan to go to the college or school to get the results. You must keep track of the exact time and date your results will come. You should always be on time to get the results. If you need to carry any documents or papers to get the mark sheet, keep those handy beforehand. Last moment organizing may often lead to confusion and increase of stress. Plan something nice and exciting later that day so that even if the results are below your expectations you have something nice to look forward too. It will help you de-stress.

Hours before the result

If its tomorrow, get a good night’s sleep. It is important to sleep properly before facing a stressful situation. Even if it seems difficult to get to sleep, you must relax, read a book, and get to sleep. Exercise the day before and engage in hard work so that you are tired enough to go to bed and sleep. Avoid taking too much caffeine. It can affect sleep patterns and may also increase your anxiety. Watch your favourite shows and chat with your family members. Doing this will help you relax and you will have a better frame of mind the next day.

If the exam results are unexpected

It may happen. So, never panic. Be ready for such situations, but always hope for the best. It is always important to remember that the exam results are not the ultimate thing to succeed in life. Take a deep breath and let it pass. Speak to your elders about it, ask for advises and guidance from teachers, and talk to career advisors. Remember, this is not the end of the world. You can opt for higher studies and also look for apprenticeship and internship opportunities. You need to remember that there are many roads to success and you will definitely find yours with diligence and perseverance.

If you want you can stay out of social media for a day or two and instead read books, plan your career ahead and look for opportunities that are lurking at the door for you. There will be many! To relax and to rejuvenate you can spend some time with your friends and even go out for a movie. Always be ready for a fresh start, it costs nothing.

It is always good to talk to your parents about your career plans. Discuss what you are planning for the future. If you are thinking of higher studies you must ask for their consent. They will be able to suggest you appropriately on the career path you should choose. Best of luck!

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