API Connect — The beginning

I had started to publish about DataPower earlier, and I intend to continue to share more knowledge about it. However, I will change my post priorities by the importance I have seen in API Management concept lately.

Before my API Connect journey, I suggest you read two good IBM articles, in which API Management and ESB purpose, and related operational responsibilities are discussed.

My API Connect journey began at the moment I thought my DataPower journey ends.

My mission: expose SOAP services into REST with JSON.

I had already created several routes using DataPower following that structure:

  • filter requests;
  • change the REST request methods such as GET and PUT to POST SOAP requests;
  • transform my request to SOAP envelope with the “text editor” (hi IBM, kindly improve the layer of XSLT editing in DataPower);
  • invoke SOAP services and routing the response and faults;
  • transform response via XSLT to JSONX;
  • transform JSONX to JSON.

Yes, something very easy…

When I went to publish into the production environment, a definition: The exposure for Internet APIs will be provided by API Connect.

I had even seen how to implement OAuth into DataPower, and at first, I had not understood how the concept of an API Management would interfere with my application. I still believed it would be much easier to make the transformations into an ESB and continue exposing the routes via DataPower … a mistake that I intend to show you during this series.

The work I did in DataPower Multi-Protocol ended up losing, but as time went by, I started to understand how DataPower and API Connect relate themselves. When we install API Connect into a Docker image, you could see that the DataPower image will also be present, and then the integration between these two tools will become clearer.

Well, I will finish this post here, the next I will explain a bit better the API Connect proposal.

See you next time!

PS: I intend to improve my written English, so if you find out some mistake, please, notify me.

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