At uni, as it’s called here in Australia, I once wrote an article for the student newspaper about sex researcher Alfred Kinsey, a sort of exposé, sparked by my desire to get an objective take on the figure of ten percent. After a bit of to and fro with an editor, it was published along with an editorial disclaimer disavowing the article. Score one for freedom of speech, right?

At the same time I was in the throes of learning to express myself responsibly. In the course of writing the article, I began to question the trustworthiness of one of my sources, a voice from the American culture wars with its own particular axe to grind. It was only afterwards that I began to digest why others might not appreciate my would-be rational viewpoint. Since then, I’ve been learning how my own pursuit of truth might obligate me to other people. …

A question for Christians to ask their Muslim friends

As the bad-news cycle about ISIS grinds on, I’ve seen lots of interest in the article by Graeme Wood at The Atlantic, What ISIS really wants.

Perhaps it goes without saying that there are violent Muslims and violent expressions of Islam, and also that there is theological/religious reasoning in the mix. Yet sometimes we of the Global North seem to feel not only that this must be said, but that it is somehow the salient point, the one thing we must especially bear in mind when we consider Islam.

The story we keep telling, in various ways around the Global North, is that this is the essential nature of Islam: violent. …

Arthur Davis

Your average awestruck cosmonaut. Campus ministry & mission education with @CMSAustralia.

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