Dicks Sporting Goods:Target of #Black Lives Matter &Civil Rights Advocates

If you are a Black or Hispanic American and you walk into any Dicks Sporting Goods Story, an Manager will announce a code alert, to monitor or follow you, while you'really in the store. According to former and prsent employee black and white, this is a normal practice for Dicks Soorting Goods Stores and other retailers. Black and Women Employees at our nation's largest sporting goods retailers have complained for years of discrimination and harassment by Dicks Sporting Goods Management . Women professionals are asked to take out the trash and.white male employees arriving at work late or clocking. in late are often not writtenup, while Black African Americans and Women are constantly written up, harasses. duribg their shift and placed under undo stress, even if they are top performing employees. This Holiday Season, Women Rights Advocates, Civi Rights Advocates and leaders of Black Lives Matter in Maryland, Virginia and other states will lead a boycott of Dicks Sporting Goods and other racial profilibg retailers, whom harass and duscrimibate against Blac African American and Women Employees. Racial Profiling and Sex Discrimination by Dicks Sporting Goods or any other retailer will not be accepted by the American Consumer because we believe#Black lives Matter and #Discrimination by Dicks Sporting Goods is. unacceptable. Vice President Joe Biden has constantly spoke out against Racial Profiling.