Yes, we can feel happy because of movies.

For those who love action movies and nice superhero movies, 2016 is one of the best years in these past five years, “Captain America: Civil War”; “Jason Bourne” and “Deadpool” are just some examples of the great movies that we can enjoy this year.

When I start surfing over the internet, in order to find some interesting stuff to watch, I usually type “Best 2016 movies” or something like this, and then the first movie that we can see is my favorite one (Civil War), and I feel so happy and satisfied when I realize that great actors and great characters can, for real, make my mind blow.

If I could say to these people who are related to these movies anything, I would say “thank you for being the reason of my smile so many times”, maybe, sometimes, we might forget about the good things in this world, we might forget how to smile and don’t stop smiling, then when we watch things like these, we can simply remember.