Common Core Math is Not the Enemy
Brett Berry

It’s curious… In Brazil we have to teach the “Playing with numbers” Technic as a role. The agenda of Education ( has in it as a principal role bringing the student close as possible to math. We have it in concept, and as teachers we know the playing has to be the rule, we even have a slang term almost official when teaching, “Conta de Padaria” (Bakery’s Count).

Our problem here is the lack of abstraction, of re utilizing a method through other cases. For example, I had a student very good at winning in a card game called “Truco”, that has many sums and multipliers, implicitly. But when i give them probability with balls, with the same numbers, he just fails at it… Maybe the problems are with methods we teach, we maybe (or should) try making ourselves and the students change the method of resolution. Sometimes thought abstraction, others by comparative analysis, an so on…