What Are You Actually Passionate About?
Jon Westenberg 🌈

Terms like “passion” and “love” (among others) are carelessly used now a days. People tend to make it grander, when they actually mean something’s just “okay” or “nice”.

I view it as a clear symptom of the “hype age” in which we live. The issue is it’s not impactful to say “I had a good time” or “that was fun”. There’s so much pressure to be what society deems as successful — whether it’s being popular and/or rich — that to many it seems like a failure when you haven’t created or are dealing with the “best video of all time”.

This leads to exaggeration and making people think that they’re passionate about making money, when in reality they’re just giving all they’ve got to please society’s standards. Today’s logic is: why not use “love” instead of “like”? You’ll just end up missing out on the opportunity to go viral and get views, clicks, likes, and shares.

Which is a shame. Society is forfeiting transparency (and true humanization) in exchange for a fake sense of wonder. In this process, we fool ourselves and our feelings. What do you REALLY love? What are you REALLY passionate about?

To me, it’s usually tied to an abstract concept, rather than a concrete task. It’s something that actually holds meaning to my existence.

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