Diversity in Photography

Hope Kauffman

Hope Kauffman is a Photographer based in Whitefish, Montana. Kauffman does more Natural light fine art photography. Hope has worked with photographers raging from Adam Brown, Sonya Revell, and Russell James. Kauffman has been a freelance photographer for the past five years. She takes a lot of her inspiration from Confetti, Flowers, Mermaids, and Pin Up Girls.

Alex Stemplewski

Alex Stemplewski is a photographer based in Los Angeles, California. Stemplewski has built his brand through creating a following creating photos on TikTok. Stemplewski specializes in street portraits of complete strangers. through his edits he is able to transform every day people into models. Some of His inspirations come from Floers and Smoke Bombs.

Joan Carol

Joan Carol is a photographer based from Costa Brava, Spain. Carol catches the many moods in his compelling portraiture. Carols models are often seen engaged in passion with eachother. Carol unlike the first two photographers uses more manipulation to bring his ideas to life.

Belky Argueta

Belky Argueta is a Los Angeles, California Photographer. Argueta’s focus has always been Fine Art Photography and Commercial Photography. Argueta has been inspired by her love of art and how photography allows her to express her creativity.

Yu Tsai

Yu Tsai is a Celebrity Photographer who has been on top shows like Americas Next Top Model. Tsai has collaborated with countless directos which led to his present focus on fashion and commerical photography.



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