Axelar Network and Quantum Community Program

The Axelar network is a universal platform of interaction and a unique solution for inter-chain communication. What makes this particular network special is its ability to meet the needs of both application creators and platform developers. At the same time, integration work is completely eliminated. Axelar is a smart crosschain platform consisting of a decentralized network and a set of protocols with APIs. This multilingual network connects ecosystems of blockchains, and the proposed set of protocols makes cross-chain queries in applications much easier.

The Axelar feature: virtually all autonomous blockchains and interoperability centers are connected in the network. Axelar’s goal is to make the job of application developers easier, and to give them the special ability to create these applications using the versatility of the proposed protocols. Using the API without deploying your own inter-chain protocols will simplify the process and eliminate the need to rewrite applications as new bridges are developed.

To make it easier to understand, we can look at the process with an example: developers have made an application and want to run it on a Polkadot or Tegg network. The developer needs to rewrite everything in the application to make it run on their chosen networks. But if you make the app on the Axelar platform, everything will already be included and integrated on Terra, Polkadot and other networks. The liquidity will be almost everywhere, which supports the Axelar cros-chain bridge.

To simplify all this work, the supported decentralized protocol sets were developed: Cross-Chain Gateway Protocol (CGP) and Cross-Chain Transfer Protocol (CTP).

Cross-Chain Gateway Protocol (CGP)

The CGP protocol is responsible for cross-chain routing and delivery across autonomous blockchains running on a variety of consistent protocols and finality rules, as well as heterogeneous technology stacks and blockchains without smart contracts.

This protocol is similar to the Internet’s border gateway protocol, but little known. CGP allows routing information across autonomous computer networks, and this protocol is also used to connect multiple autonomous blockchain ecosystems and is responsible for routing data between them. Important to note: The program does not ask for blockchain analysis, no restrictions are imposed on smart contract languages, and consensus rules are not affected either.

Platforms are very easy to join — all you have to do is set up a regular gateway account. The main condition for executable actions on such accounts is that they can only be performed by a collectively decentralized set of node executors that support the Cross-Chain Gateway Protocol. These node executors are responsible for tracking packets that arrive at CGP gateways. They are also responsible for routing and delivering those packets to the destination gateways.

A distinctive feature of CGP is that it can terminate blocks of any chain through Layer 2 consensus performed by protocol node executors. That is, it can easily handle both probabilistic chains and chains that support instant finality.

Cross-Protocol Transmission Protocol (CTP)

CTP is an application layer protocol, which is a kind of gateway that allows applications to make simple requests through a unified API. Another feature is that it simplifies the use of inter-chain communication capabilities. Such applications typically consist of three main components: a graphical user interface, smart contracts on the same chain, and an intermediary node that performs transactions between the front-end and the smart contracts. External interfaces interact with user wallets, accepting deposits, processing withdrawals, etc. Applications can use inter-chain functions, sending CTP requests similar to http/https get/post protocols. These requests are subsequently picked up by the CGP layer for execution, and the results are returned back to users.

There is another option for developers of their applications. Lna is that it is possible to host their applications on any chain and to integrate smart contracts with threshold bridge accounts to execute CTP requests This gives applications the following capabilities:

· Registering the blockchain they want to interact with in the future

· The ability to register on the blockchain the assets that they intend to use

· Performing transactions on assets (such as accepting deposits, processing and withdrawing funds, and many other functions).

The protocol also includes additional cross-chain requests. Support for the following cross-chain requests between applications on different blockchains is provided:

1. Execution of public key name services (PKNS).

2. Inter-chain application triggers. That is, an application on chain A can update its current state if the search criterion on chain B of another application is satisfied.

3. Smart contract compatibility. It is possible for a smart contract to update its state on chain A or initiate an update action on chain B.

It is worth considering that requests are handled at the highest level, since together the protocols of both decentralized protocols and the Axelar network can transmit and write arbitrary verifiable state information between blockchains.

Axelar Quantum Community Program

This is a program that is community-oriented and geared toward introducing participants to the Axelar network, giving users the opportunity to create new extraordinary content in order to expand Axelar’s resource base and outreach. This program is something of an ambassadorship program, the point of which is for anyone to be active in all sorts of ways until January 17.

A call for submissions is open for those who want to participate and develop their skills and abilities. In the submissions of participants will be welcomed primarily creativity and preference for the quality of materialsma. Original and well-done materials are encouraged to submit to the community for consideration by filling out the suggested entry form. The community has already taken several initiatives regarding content creation, moderation, etc. If a participant maintains a Telegram channel they have created or is in the process of moderating it, sending translations etc., they will need to send links to it and all the work they have done at this stage. Further, in the case of acceptance of materials for further participation in the program will be given weekly tasks to perform. The whole program will include 4 stages (rounds).

Timing of the program, conditions of the program, and a step-by-step description

· I phase: December, 6 — January, 17.

· II phase: January, 18 — February, 1.

· III phase: February, 2–16.

· IV phase: February,17 — March, 3.

Stage 1 is an open competition during which participants will accept submissions in the form of their previous projects and/or current work. The best 300 participants will be selected and admitted to Phase 2. This selection will be based on the quality, originality, uniqueness and creativity of the submitted works, regardless of their volume. In the third stage of the program will go to the best 150 participants, selected using the same criteria as in the previous stages. In the 4 final stage will be selected 50 participants who have demonstrated all their talents and best qualities. During Stages 2–4 participants will have the opportunity both to supplement and expand their provided source materials, and to start creating their new creative works based on the experience gained. Quality, creative creativity in the materials submitted by participants will be evaluated by the Axelar Foundation.

Participants who pass to the second stage of the program will receive an official rating and an exclusive Axelar NFT. It can be used and displayed on their profile and can be used on their social media if they wish. Those participants who successfully complete Stage 3 will receive the same award, as well as an additional nice bonus — a special set of gifts. Finalists who make it to Stage 4 will receive an exclusive NFT and the highest official rank, an exclusive unique limited edition gift set.

Important information: Up to 100,000 tokens per stage will be allocated for stages 2–4 and this amount will be divided among all accepted participants. Those participants who can especially distinguish themselves by their achievements and contributions during all stages will be able to receive higher allocations. Everything will depend solely on the quality of the submissions, the quantitative indicator will also be taken into account and appreciated by the Axelar Foundation.

Initially, at the launch of the network, the genesis supply will consist of 1 billion Axelar tokens. At this point in time, it is expected that up to 300,000 tokens will be distributed from the initial offering to Quantum Community Program participants. Rewards in the form of tokens from the incentive test network will be distributed in the future at the launch of the main network among worthy participants.

Materials and resources accepted into the Quantum Community Program will be hosted on an exciting new platform, information about which will be posted at a later date.

Important: The Quantum Community Program is open only to participants outside the U.S. and Canada.

Funds that have invested in the project

Polichain Capital, DragonflyCapital, Coinbase Ventures, Divergense Ventures, Galaxy Digital, Binance, North Island Ventures, Collab+Currency, Data Collective, Cygnilabs, Lemniscap, ZOLA, Nima Capital, Hypersphere, GoldenCoin TS, Morningstar Ventures, ZKV, SkyTale Ventures, Robot Ventures, Happy Walters, Waikit Lau, Do Kwon, Joshua Hanna, Jack Herrick.


In the near future, multiple blockchain ecosystems will be used to create applications and assets. The Axelar network can be used to unify blockchains into a single interchain communication layer. This capability is capable of providing routing and protocols at the application level to meet complex requirements. This applies to both platform builders and application developers. Application developers can create the platforms best suited to their needs: use a simple protocol and API to access global interchain liquidity, users, and communication with other circuits.

The Axelar network is a platform that anyone can interact with, regardless of their role in the crypto space. The governance model is open to everyone. Developers can propose new integration points, routing and application layer protocols, and users can decide whether to adopt them by voting on proposals.

Axelar Network, without exaggeration, provides unambiguously new opportunities in blockchain systems.


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