lol hi arthur.
Morgan Wang

Thanks for the kind words Morgan! I’ll say that I’m not super knowledgable about Christianity, but at least from what I understand, I’m a fan of the teachings of Jesus. To me, the grace of God can be understood (either as a metaphor or direct analogue) as the grace that we as humans can strive for in order to achieve peace with ourselves and lead better lives with our neighbors.
I guess there are other things that would have to be discussed in order for us to understand each other on this front deeply, such as how you interpret the Bible/the Christian narrative and what is meant by “objective truth”. When it comes to philosophical ideas I generally lean on the side of skepticism and would question the ability of humans to derive truth through some combination of our senses and reason, and even if the concept of truth transcends human perception at all.

So now to answer your real question: I don’t know who Jesus is, given that I don’t know if I can even know anything at all! He could be God, maybe he’s just a messenger, maybe he made the whole thing up. Pragmatically, I’m not worried about the truth of who or what Jesus was/is; his influence has led a lot of people to find personal and spiritual redemption and that’s enough for me.

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