Day 5 and 6

The fifth day was quite interesting, I made all I had to do, my sport (gym+footing), I took care of my brother all the afternoon long and I realised that was important moments.

On night, it was the celebration of francophone music, then, we choose to go out and have a drink in town with friends, it was miserable.

I understood that we were always in search of girls and we were incapable to play around, it was really boring. We were here, like statues, expecting a miracle.

I don’t know how to emerge of that vicious circle, disappointment on disappointment. Parties, relationships, college, youth, all that stuff is disappointing, that’s very difficult.

The sixth day was quite good even if I was still on my disappointment. I met a friend, we chilled out in town and played tennis. I didn’t work these two days and now I’m quite late, I restart tomorrow.

I imagined the qualities that my “future me” has to have : Be confident, smart, pleasant, funny, charimastic and undertaking. Long way.

Concerning my storytelling devlopment, I learned jokes and tell some of them to my close ones, it was quite fun.

I’ll go to sleep but I have to do my meditation session before, I don’t really want but no choice !

Ciao !