The Importance of Responsive Web Design

Responsive web design is not only best practice, it’s vital practice.

Business owners can benefit from having a responsive web design to communicate their brand and promote their products or services. This is because a responsive web design allows one to make use of various tools (such as computers of cellphones) to reach out to customers on a more interactive level.

This means that customers can easily navigate a website and read its contents, while allowing the business owner to save more time and money since customization can easily be done. A responsive web design agency provides the following benefits to a business owner.

Offer Flexibility in Website Design

Smartphones are the preferred devices of more than a third of any business owner’s customers when going online. It has been estimated that people will be browsing more on their tablets and mobile devices than on their desktop computers in the next 3 to 5 years.

Nowadays, a web page has high chances (at 31%) of being visited by a potential customer who is viewing it on a tablet or mobile phone.

A responsive web design agency will be able to help a business owner build his website with this knowledge in mind, by using the appropriate technology and designing it in a way that the content easily adapts to various screen sizes without sacrificing the need for having additional elements.

Capitalize On the Widespread Use of Mobile and Tablet Devices

In the last month, it has been noted that eighty-six percent of owners of mobile phones and tablets have used these devices to know more about a business. Whatever the device used or screen size offered to the viewers, it is important to make sure that a website is able to reach them and creates a positive impact on them.

Instead of trying to tailor a business owner’s website to all possible devices that might access it, the website itself as well as its features are developed to easily adapt to them.

A responsive web design allows for the creation of a website that can automatically modify its orientation and screen size to meet the needs of a specific user and device used.

There is also the added benefit of being able to inquire a user on his experience with a website’s features while viewing it on the device he uses. Content and elements can then be easily repositioned, or certain features can be highlighted, to provide better user experience.

Make Use of Mobile-first Design

A responsive web design agency usually starts working on a website by having the desktop design first, after which they will devise ways on adapting the features made to all possible devices that the website will be viewed on.

The steps are reverted, though, when it comes to taking advantage of mobile-first design. Instead of scaling down content from a desktop version, the content is now designed with mobile phones in mind, after which the website can adapt by accommodating larger devices without difficulty.

This is a great way of making a website more effective in helping make any business successful — by improving on it in a progressive manner instead of downgrading it, albeit sophisticatedly.