The Mercedes SLK: Review

The combination of the Mercedes badge and an eye catching convertible makes the new SLK almost irresistible.

Billed as a rival to the BMW Z4, with the new version of the SLK, Mercedes has focused on comfort as well as performance. The new car gives an exhilarating ride with fast acceleration and a soft suspension that easily glides over bumps in the road.

Performance can be improved by putting the engine into Sport mode and this makes the suspension stiffer taking corners very easily. Outside, the car is more stylish and on the interior Mercedes has set the bar high for quality build.

The Magic Sky Control roof has special glass that can be adjusted so that the amount of light in the cabin can be lower in the summer (making it cooler) or higher when it is a dull day (making it light and airy).

When driving the SLK you will get good grip and excellent cornering. Mercedes is offering four engines starting with a four cylinder and moving up to six cylinder types. If you are looking for peak performance then the SLK 55 AMG is the best.

However, the 2.1 litre diesel with 200 bhp will also give you 0 to 62 mph in a speedy 6.7 seconds. All this and comfort too. The ride is very smooth and the new model has more space inside.

When on the move there is hardly any wind or road noise and when the roof is down it is still not draughty. Mercedes gives you the option of the Airscarf feature which consists of small vents in the seats that will warm the area around your neck. The front has good visibility but at the rear the small window makes parking a little difficult when the roof is up.

Excellent reliability is the watchword for the Mercedes marque and safety is high on the company’s list of priorities. The last SLK got four stars for safety and this one is expected to get five.

The car has a system to help to monitor the alertness of the driver and a host of other safety features. These include a crash anticipation feature that gets the car ready with safety systems if a crash is imminent.

If you decide to indulge yourself with the new SLK, it won’t come cheap. However, the list of equipment is impressive with LED lights on the bumper, alloys and a metal roof that folds.

The superb Magic Sky roof is extra and will cost you an eye watering £2,000 more but it is worth it. Mercedes has also concentrated on making running costs less prohibitive and this model is cheaper to run that the BMW Z4.

Add some tailored car mats to your Mercedes and you will truly feel the luxury that is the SLK.

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