White Girl

I appreciate this. I’ve tried to put myself into the mindset of a white person in america who might not understand the plight you just described. To be honest, I get it. Me growing up black it’s hard not to learn about the aforementioned ideas, but if I was white I’m not sure I would have given it as much thought or any at all. I grew up in a small town with all white people so I like to think I have a better understanding of where their mind’s at. I’m not immune to the propaganda myself. I had to explain (yell at) to my little brother even why saying all lives matter is ridiculous.

Malcolm X said that:

“racism is like Cadillac, every year they come out with a new model”.

Racism could die or at least be lessened if it wasn’t for these continual reminders and reinforcements we’re constantly being given through the media. There’s not just racism but hate of all kinds that permeate our psyche. This is done to us on purpose. They want us divided. Like you touched on, what made it so racism didn’t end with slavery is the lies told in order to justify it. These lies are still being told and they're more dangerous than anything else. The lie that we’re different, that we’re enemies. If we keep fighting among ourselves we’ll never turn to gun to our true foe — the power structure.

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