Love Death and Drugs pt.2❤️ 💀 💊

Strippers, MySpace, and Flipphones

My instinct to strike up conversation with pretty girls who think I’m cute overrides mourning. So I say hello. She has no idea that I’m on coke, or that I’m not even a week removed from burying my father. I’m dressed pretty much like shit and I’m way overdue for a haircut. If you can’t like me at my worst, right?

I say to her, careful not to insuate too much: “if we become friends after this, we’ll have to say we met at a strip club”. We both laugh. I’m impressed with myself for somehow being charming in spite of my salty state of being. She tells me she’s in the same boat as me, that’s she’s never been to a strib club either but her friends dragged her out too. I don’t remember much of what happened after that until we were leaving. Somehow I pull off this cool move that I don’t think I ever could again. In the parking lot in in front of her walking out, I get to my car and flash my lights to get her attention. My brand new 2005 civic, at the time, lets her know I have my shit together (the fact that I’m still driving it maybe suggests I don’t anymore).

She approaches me and I ask for her phone number, she smiles and obliges. One thing about mourning is that it can kind of turns you into a whore, looking to distract yourself from the pain by any means. The night before the funeral I hooked up with a girl and had plans to hook up with several more. I assume she’ll just be another one of them. I couldn’t have been more wrong. 10 years later and counting, I still think about her everyday.

2006 was just before text messages had really went mainstream so I think it was the next day maybe when I gave her a call.

She doesn’t pick up.

It’s funny because she could have very easily never called me back, we would have never seen each other or spoken again, and I would have never got to know what it means to be in love.

But she does call me back, just a few minutes later.

Conversation comes easy to us. It’s like we’d been friends forever. I ommit my recent loss, mostly because everyone I’ve talked to recently has known. They treat me like I’m depressed and it only makes it worse. It’s refreshing to talk to someone who’s just being normal.

When we hang up I’m realizing that I’m interested in her so I decide to do some homework. She wasn’t in college so I know she wouldn’t have Facebook. This being the year 2006 it only left me one other option, MySpace.

My little brother is on the computer so I ask him to look her up for me. We find her quick.

As I’m scanning her pics and interests, I notice one piece of very interesting information. She has a boyfriend.

Then it hits me like a linebacker. I get a flash back of Cameron’s girlfriend telling me that Gina has a boyfriend. She said they’ve been together for years but it’s long distance and she doesn’t really like him, whatever that means.

I’m faced with a decision. Should I tell her I know, or keep my mouth shut. Obviously I decide on the latter.

We keep talking casually evenings on the phone. Eventually I get the courage to ask her out. I invite her to one of my friend's house. I’m not sure if she’ll agree since she has the secret boyfriend.

She says she’d love to and she’s on her way over.

To be continued…

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