Why Medium is Trash and so are You

Real quick-

As I’m trying my hardest to cultivate an audience here on Medium, I know doing so is at least a two pronged approach. Putting out as much content as often as possible while also reading others work and commenting.

I can handle the putting out the quality content part, but reading this other shit isn’t nearly as easy. Namely because it all sucks. I swear to God I’ve read the same “how to do this or subtract this from your life” article a thousand times. It is fucking unreadable. I really need to find some other people like myself and we need to build ourselves up because the bullshit they are cramming into my feed is really just God awful. I’m sorry but you know it is.

It’s not even so much that it’s trash, while it is indeed, it’s really just repetitive. How many ways can you guys say the same things? Do you even know what good writing is? Have you ever heard of Ernest Hemingway? Charles Bukowski? They would have shit all over Medium’s top posts feed or whatever you guys are calling it.

I’m just calling for writers to write. All you are doing is selling dreams on here and not even new ones, only repackaged ones.

I’m reminded of what happens in my day job. People get promoted over me and I think to myself, no, I know in my heart, that there’s no way they come close to possessing my level of intellect. But then it hits me. This is exactly why I’m not promoted, at my day job or on Medium. Unintelligent is the new cool.

About 18 months ago I was sitting across the bar from a young lady looking up at the screen and seeing Donald Trump speaking at a podium surrounded by press for what seemed like the entire time I was there. I remember telling my date that it felt like they were developing a new strategy, that only focused on idiocy. It would make sense after decades of dumbing down our education. We‘re prime for the taking! Smart savvy intellectualism, debate, and true art… all of these things are out! Blank empty lifeless words just for the sake of saying them are in. This is our current climate.

So if I, or you, want to get ahead… here’s a medium article title that’s sure to provide some insight.

Why Dumbing it the Fuck Down is Surprisingly Helpful