What the CIA, Media (and Trump) get wrong about the Russian hacks
Taylor Griffin

This is well written assessment and opinion, but I think like so many other commentary (both written and verbal), it doesn’t really address the impact on the outcome of this election; and instead, falls back on the idea there is not enough evidence. The reality is if you look at the aggregate of how the GOP and Trump campaigned using fake news and out right lies, allegations, and inflammatory comments about Clinton; it’s impossible to say this did not sway the final result given how close it really was contrary to what some believe. Russian hacking and interference in generating and supporting fake news, fueled the hateful and racist rhetoric Trump exuded throughout his campaign, and continues to propagate today. So, in my opinion, the combination of Russian interference and deceitful campaign rhetoric did influence and ultimately sway the election. Another reason Trump lost the popular vote by historic margins.

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