Crossroads — Then and Now

Two people met at the crossroads.

It was never an easy decision. For they could not know when would their paths intersect again, should they choose to part ways.

But one would not know, if they choose to take the same path.

Left or right did not matter, when it is one of the other they desire.

Would you take the leap of faith into the fire, even if you know the consequences are dire?

Would time be the defining factor, or would it just spell trouble for later?

How long would one hold and clench tightly, while the other laments of the other nightly?

Would the company of one appease the crying hearts, or would the hearts be constantly pierced by darts?

Is it worth waiting for the other, when it is only the other they both desire?

Would words be ever enough for them to stay together, or are words; without actions the only tether?

Two people met at the crossroads.

Only this time, they didn’t think twice to part. For only themselves could tell how much they have given the other their heart.