Hello there, it has been so long.

How long has it been that I have felt this intensity? How the winds would howl and how the tempest will flare?

Truth is, I have not felt something like this in a very long time.

When was the last time I cried over someone?
When was the last time I waited hours for someone?
When was the last time I yearned for someone?

Alas, questions upon questions that some people will just keep asking, but then they received the replies of the wind.

What is like to love someone? I remember vividly you asking me, what did I like about you. My traditional response is that I do not need a reason to like/love you, partially because deep down I am afraid of my own emotions to tell the truth, and to let you see in the crevices of my mind of who I truly am.

But like all anonymity, this allows me the freedom to type freely, and to let anyone see who the message, but never the recipient.

So what do I like about you?

I like your smile, as they shine brighter than a thousand splendid suns, burning and giving me life as I know it.

I like your laughter, as they ring like the forbidden chord as I listen endlessly, drinking every conversation while losing track of time.

I like your sarcasm, as they sting everyone, including me while you jab fun in places I never thought possible.

I like your resilience, in the face of adversary, determined to keep trying and not allowing others to dampen you.

But otherwise, I like your everything. Everything about you is perfect, yet not quite so perfect as well. Might seem like a paradox, but I love your imperfections.

In other words, simply, I love you.

I love, who you are, and not what you are.

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