Cafe №2 : Slap Face Coffee & Tea

I had finally started to take the Cafe Challenge seriously and was actively on the lookout for cafes/coffee shops. It was still the first week of January and I was still jet lagged from my trip to the southern hemisphere. A friend and I had planned to catch up and both agreed on using the opportunity to tick off a Cafe from my list.

So, Slap Face Coffee & Tea, Fremont Blvd: 
That name tho: Curious as always, I just had to go check it out.

Easy to access, dedicated parking lot and bang in the center of Fremont.
This cafe has study rooms,yes, study rooms ! Now don’t we all wish we had hunted for cafes like this back in college, sigh, libraries ! 
How old school ! *eye roll* 
Funky murals, plenty of seating and study rooms distributed over two floors, delicious beverages and pastries and wait for it: ICE CREAM, basically this place, in addition to being a cafe- is library and a dessert shoppe, literally.
Just as i told myself that it couldn’t get any better, a voice on the mic: 
“We’ll be starting our Friday night karaoke in 5 minutes, people, are you all excited”
What was meant to be a “meh, let’s go to a cafe and talk about stuff” turned into “ oh, this croissant is delicious…. hey we should live stream this karaoke on instagram… I don’t feel like I’m outdated anymore”

Don’t you just love going to cafes in the winter ? :)

That’s me in the green jacket: grinning ear to ear on how happy I was, having skipped my “Binge watch something on Netflix till you pass out” Friday.