Career Scope for AI Professionals Expanding Globally

The future of work, and jobs, will constitute optimal use of disruptive tech like AI. As per the WEF (World Economic Forum) report, by 2025, 52% of the total work hours across the current jobs will be taken over by the technologically-powered smart machines. However, by 2030, about 800 million jobs are expected to be replaced by the new-age disruptive tech, globally.

Having said that, this sort of future is still decades away. People are only seeing the potential adversities that the AI tech is going to bring in the near future, but not the net positives. The biggest worry is regarding the elimination of existing jobs. Well, that’s true up to some extent, and we cannot deny that. But, the big positive with the same is — the number of new jobs AI is going to create will overpower the number of jobs going redundant. And therefore, it should be taken in good faith.

Well, to remain employable in the next ten years, it’s quite evident that you will need to acquire a few vital tech skills, or you go jobless. You simply can’t deny the need of the hour in a fast-changing digital world that leverages advanced tech. But, if you succeed in acquiring the industry-relevant top AI skills, imagine the number of opportunities that will get lined up before you to pounce on!

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