Machine learning has become the tech du jour for technology professionals, especially in the present era where artificial intelligence (AI) is taking over the world.

After all, machine learning is the key driver that enabled self-driving cars, practical speech recognition, or an advanced understanding of the human genome.

Because of its expertise in making predictions just by observing past experiences, machine learning technology is now used by multiple industries. As an artificial intelligence expert, one needs to know different ML algorithms along with their purposes.

Let us take a tour and categorize the top machine learning algorithms you might need to master. …

AI, or artificial intelligence technology made big headlines off late when people across the world witnessed instances of Alexa laughing out of the blue. Such news reports attracted people’s attention globally, and as a result, jokes were made on computers taking over the world in the near future. However, there’s least fun associated with the said emerging tech as it has affected, and in a positive way, every single industry we can think of. In healthcare, AI is being used in drug discovery, medication management, robotic surgery, and medical imaging.

In e-commerce and retail, companies are leveraging AI to detect shopping patterns of customers, and accordingly sending product recommendations. In the food tech domain, AI technology is being used in the farming sector to manufacture and develop intelligent tractors and plucking machines, while in the banking and financial trade industry, robo-financial advisors are helping investors take better investment decisions. …

Interviews are tough. Even for the most competent candidates.

Research says the candidate must demonstrate high-energy and confidence. Because whatever you say during the interview will impact the hiring manager, even though you get the job or not.

Even for an AI career, some of the interview questions tend to come up time and again. So, what is the best way to deal with them? Let us have a look at some of the most frequently asked AI interview questions and see how to answer them.

Question 1. Define Artificial Intelligence (AI)?

Answer: Artificial Intelligence comes under the branch of science that deals with developing intelligent machines that can think, work, and react the way humans do. …



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