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Deep learning is a fast-growing area, where skilled professionals are required. Companies are restless in their approach to hire professionals who are equipped with deep learning, machine learning, and data science skills. According to a recent LinkedIn report, AI specialists is the fastest-growing job category in the U.S., growing 74 percent annually. The average annual salary of AI specialists is $136000.

Huge demand for AI professionals

Today AI (artificial intelligence) marks a significant shift in the industry, revolutionizing it in ways that increase productivity and efficiency of people and business operations. …

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Trying to get things done alone is possible. But if you’re trying to do “great” things all by yourself, it becomes difficult.

Entering a new profession can be a daunting task, especially if it is related to the tech industry. Thus, finding a mentor who can offer guidance is invaluable. AI is everywhere. Everything we do in the present day has AI revolving around it. A great deal of job opportunity in AI is to be seen in 2021 and beyond. The technology is already transforming the global economy at large, impacting the lives of many.

As said by Dan Ayoub, General Manager of Mixed Reality Education at…

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If you are interested in Artificial Intelligence, chances are that you must have heard about Artificial Neural Networks (ANN), and Deep Neural Networks (DNN). This article is about ANN.

The boom in the field of artificial intelligence may have come recently, but the idea is old. The term AI was coined way back in 1956. Its revival though in the 21st century can be traced to 2012 when ImageNet challenge. Before this, AI was known as neural networks or expert systems.

At the foundation of AI are the networks of artificial neurons, the same as the cells of a biological brain. Just like every neuron can be triggered by other neurons in a brain, AI works similarly through ANNs. …



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