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I’m extremely happy about this:

It’s ok, you can laugh :)

In fact I’ll laugh with you. Because I was just asking myself the following question:

What if I knew I was gonna die when the day ends. What would I do then?

Ok that’s boring, we heard it before. Let’s change it slightly.

Thought experiment: You know you’re gonna die when the day ends. However, somehow, you HAVE to do whatever you were gonna do before you knew that. How would you do it ?

My personal answer is two-fold:

  • Whatever it is I would be doing, wherever and with whomever, I would try to make it meaningful. And one way to accomplish that is to accomplish some sort of progress.
  • I would try to laugh as much as possible.

What’s your answer ?

In the meantime, should you be interested, apart from writing this post and spending time with my wife and kid, here’s the last element of my nightly routine:

Just in case, you know, I die in my sleep…

Gnight !

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