Eat, shit, sleep. Repeat.

“Why is there anything at all ?”

“You mean why the world exists?”

“I mean why is there anything to begin with. Why is there photons, protons, electrons. Why is there elementary particles. Why is there energy. Why is there space and time. Why laws governing all of it.”

“Well because God decided to create all that.”

“Ok. Then why is there God. Why is there something at all instead of nothing.”

“Well if there was nothing you wouldn’t be here busting my balls about it.”

“That’s not my point. Explain why there is a God to begin with.”

“I don’t have to. God doesn’t need explaining. In fact that’s the definition of God: the one thing that is above justification.”

“Are you saying we created God as a rhetorical trick to get around the most disturbing question our conscious brains could come up with?”

“I’m saying you’re asking stupid questions. Forget about God. Maybe we are living in a simulation. So everything exists because someone on the outside programmed it.”

“Doesn’t that just push the question one level higher? Why is there an outside ? And why are there programmers in it.”

“Ok, is there a point to all this.”


“Wanna eat Hawaiian?”


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