Tips for Choosing Colors of paint for Living Room

One methode for home designing the right is the application of the right color in your home, especially in the living room.

Colors are applied to the wall is not merely beautify the look of the living room, but also give a certain impression. If you plan to change the color of the interior of the house, especially the living room, then you should first consider the effects resulting from the use of a particular color.

There are two groups of color; warm and cold. Each group can give effect to the room is bigger or smaller, it also brings a different feel. Choose the color to suit your needs, or the corresponding image and the mood which is formed in a room. The following tips, as quoted from Helium.

Warm colors Create Familiarity

Warm colors create a comfortable and more intimate effect. Group colors like orange, peach, yellow, coral and chocolate help create the feel of a smaller and shade on a spacious room. Warm colors could be an option if you want to bring a relaxed and intimate atmosphere.

Size Gives Cold Colour Effects

If your living room is small but wants to look wider, use paint the walls with cool colors. Baby blue, green or purple raising dimensions of the room and the distance to the floor. Choose blue sky if you want to expand the living space is cramped. In addition, the walls are painted in light pastel colors that are not too intense make the room feel wider.

Color combinations Warm and Cold

Create the impression of a unique and modern room with a combination of warm and cool colors. This trick works best on small living room, medium and wide. Paint your walls a light blue color, then give accent lines or other motives with a peach color to create an impression of a modern and attractive. You can also apply the other way around; warm color as the background, and cold as an accent.

While a combination of beige and sky blue is one of the good color combinations. The room will look more open and have good air so as to maximize the effect of natural light.

However, note the game of forms and motifs that will be applied. If your room is small, accents such as lines or dots should not be too big and the walls, because it will seem cramped. On a broader space, you can explore the game a little bit of color. Keep their application by the furniture or wall hangings are placed in the living room.

For example, if there are enough ornaments or furniture, not too much to apply the motive or accent wall. In addition to his accent is not very visible because it is the furniture, the room also seem less neat and elegant. If you want to add wallpaper, select the color matching the color of the walls are dominant.