i’ve had really bad luck this year

i just had a few really good things fall through. it’s frustrating and demoralizing.

i had really bad luck last year too. had several things, one big thing i really liked and really wanted to do, die in development hell before they could get made. i feel like through this i’ve learned the need for and value of persistence.

you can be talented and work your ass off and get the opportunity and still not get the payout for it. it can happen. it happens more than it doesn’t and it’s nobody’s fault. all you can do is look back and learn from it, because it’s gonna happen again.

last year i really let it get to me. i was angry and pissed off and wanted to give up and i stopped trying as hard. because i felt it wasn’t fair. i had earned it. now i’m getting screwed. and yeah, it isn’t fair. but it happens. and sometimes there’s nothing you can do about it.

you gotta roll with the losses. you have to let the blows roll off your shoulders, you have to get back up from skinned knees and keep working just like you were, even harder. you’ll get your shot. your luck will turn.

persistence and patience are everything. be patient and be persistent and it increases your chances, will help the luck along, literally, increasing your chances.

creative success, any success, is being in the right place at the right time.

get to the right place, and do everything you can to stay there until it’s the right time.