thanks donny boy

trump being elected was really good.

for me at least.

as we’re heading into 2020 primaries and i find myself giving three bucks to bernie sanders’ campaign (who am i) i’m looking back at the past 3 or so years, where i was and where i am now. i think this applies to everyone but here’s what i’m taking from it.

don’t get me wrong. i don’t like the guy’s policies or skills as a leader or whatever. we all know what he’s like, i’m not saying i think he has good ideas or a huge brain or isn’t a russia plant or isn’t deeply bigoted or isn’t a rapist or con man or isn’t rapidly descending into dementia or hasn’t created plenty of real problems and/or annoying media circuses and any of the other hundreds of criticisms lobbed at him every single day. those are all true. i think he’s a fascist bigot, and a dumb one, and the people using him are some of the worst examples of humanity’s current evolutionary state.

but i love the guy. he’s hilarious. and not from a privileged “his-shit-doesn’t-affect-me-i-find-it-all-funny” sort of angle. this stuff does affect me, directly. and the stuff that doesn’t directly affect me still affects me directly. to me he’s a dark, hilarious joke about what our society really is. he’s the face that we all associate with the suits that are always standing behind him when he opens his mouth. we all look into his gaping maw and forget about those suits. trump makes it very overt that there’s an entire class of freaks trying to ruin things for us because it makes them more money. they’ve been there a long time. they know the world is dying and they are too so priority number one is sucking the last of it dry and building gilded coffins. trump reminds of this in a very visible way and i thank him for that. cosmically, it’s something we needed.

if it wasn’t trump, not that much would really be different. it would just look and sound a lot different. the same deals would be made. the same pockets would be lined. the same interests catered to. we’d still be in our blissful neoliberal haze, blissfully unaware, eating up the lip service with a rainbow spoon. we weren’t supposed to see so clearly, because hillary was supposed to win. why do you think the eatablishment, on both sides, was so scared of trump? he actually did represent possibility. a lot of people were not wrong to want a washington outsider. thank god for their lack of neoliberal brainwash. they saw the possibility.

that possibility however, was squandered, because trump found the wrong audience. he found the embers that the republican party had been stoking since years before, and he poured gasoline all over it. the bonfire erupts, but the creepy hand-wringing patriarchs of the republican party sigh a huge sigh of relief from the top floor of the house and just bring him in for dinner. it went gangbusters for them.

when i look at my life pre and post november 11th 2016, i realize trump taught me something. i think what he taught me is that nothing is real, least of all the rules. trump took compelling ideas and found a buyer. as we’re all aware, the facts didn’t matter. he just went for it. at some point i’m pretty sure he stopped going for it but it was too late, he still got it. the democratic establishment reaction to trump has been abysmal, this is partly why. he shattered the paradigm and “our side” refuses to get on the fucking page.

clearly, you can get away with pretty much anything. or at least with saying pretty much anything. we wring our hands but what damage does a few thousand momentarily angry people on twitter really do? trump came in and doesn’t play by the rules. he does now, of course, because after he stopped scaring the Money Boys shitless they just co-opted him to their own ends. our neoliberal overlords will not sully their good name with youth or energy or concrete points stated loudly. they have too much self-respect, sir, to get dirty.

the tendency to embrace centrist milquetoast candidates and dismiss people like bernie sanders because their policies are “too unrealistic” is maddening. you just lost to a “unrealistic” guy. look at what he’s doing. it’s awful and terrible and we hate it, but he’s trying something. how hard is it to try? i watched Trump ascend to the presidency and walked away feeling like i could run a presidential campaign no problem. what are the world’s greatest political consultants even DOING? can’t we spin some ideas that get people on board? good ideas? better ideas? most people are somewhat reasonable about the things they want, according to the recent polls, and yet the entire establishment cannot fathom how to give it to them.

in our politics, in our “praxis”, in our personal live, trump came in and by punching us in the face told the world that you can take a swing. isn’t it time to swing back?