vice cover letter, jake tannery 04.04.2019

Hey there. My name is Jake. I’m 23, non-binary, a writer, and very impatient.

Instead of reading this letter, you could look at my instagram account: @mikefuckabee.

I’m one of these insufferable gen z/millennial cusps who just documents everything on there and it’s a better overview of me. But if you have to read a letter (how old school of you), here you go.

To Whom It May Concern —

I’m from a small town north of Atlanta GA. I was homeschooled as a kid. My dad was a designer and my mom was a writer. They gave me Lego and Book but no Television.

In high school I went to a weirdo Christian Ivy League humanities prep school. Some of my classmates went to Yale. I didn’t go to college. I was accepted to Georgia State for film & video but I didn’t go. I went to work at a hair salon in Atlanta and learned how to wrangle Buckhead betties and perform queerness to survive. (started smoking weed)

Soon after, I got a job writing tweets, went to portfolio school in Atlanta for copywriting, and then left early to move here at 21. BFG 9000 hired me right out of school, which is supposed to be impossible. (On Working Not Working’s top 50 companies creatives would kill to work for 3 years in a row. It sucked there, however)

If you don’t know them, look up the guy — Gerry Graf. He is the funniest man to ever write a commercial, probably. It was kind of like writing for the Lorne Michaels of ads, except it didn’t suck neoliberal ass and waste a bunch of talent.

I always wanted to move here since I was a kid and when I got the chance I just threw myself at NYC without even visiting once. I had yet to move out of my parents’ house. Shit has been crazy. I almost died a few months in, so I went home and wasn’t gonna come back. I was advised that you can’t leave New York until it’s on your own terms. I did come back. Irish Catholic Masshole Ad Boss laid me off a couple of weeks ago.

I love/hate life and all the weird stuff about it and I feel similarly about NY. I like telling stories. I like documenting things. I like writing, shooting, recording, editing. I like finding stuff nobody ever noticed before. Bringing perspective that nobody has tried. Vice has been an influence on me since I was a kid and I figure hey why not reach out. I love dumb commercials but advertising is a shitty industry. So let’s try media. I’m sure it’s way better.

Jake Tannery