Wow! It’d be cool if people could stop slamming their cars into stuff!

We have a not-so-silent epidemic in this country:


People just love slamming their cars into things! And a lot of the time, it’s other cars!

This is a serious issue.

The Media is always trying to convince us that this kind of behavior is “normal.” and “okay.” If you ask me, it’s sick!

Can we stop???

Secular culture has simply gone too far.

Everyone sees famous people slamming their cars into things, so now everyone is slamming their own cars into stuff.


I hate to be this guy, but this behavior that everyone is engaging in is reckless and dangerous.

What’s it for? Just the cheap thrill of having slammed your car into a fucking wall?

What the hell!!

Why do I feel like I’m the ONLY person speaking out about this? It seems like everyone is doing this — punks, crunks, olds, careerists, white trash, mid-level pop stars, and neoliberal corporate shills are all slamming their fucking cars into things.

I bet if you gave a baby a car he’d slam it into something first chance he got! You probably think that would be cute, a baby slamming a fucking car into something. Well let me tell you: It’s not!

This is NOT cute!!!

You’re probably sitting there to yourself thinking “but everyone loves to slam their car into things! Especially other cars!”

I know, I know — everyone loves to do it.

But ultimately this is not okay! You might not believe me, but slamming a car into another car or something like that could put you in the HOSPITAL!


Please, I implore us, as a culture, to move past this! Is this really the future we want for ourselves? For our children? For our children’s children?

We all need to take a long hard look at ourselves and STOP slamming our cars into stuff.