Difference between Bluetooth headphones and other wireless head phones

Everyone knows the importance of mobile phones in our life. In the past there were only telephone placed at the houses or offices or in case a person wanted to make a phone call when he is traveling, he needed to use STD phones. But because of mobile phones you can call anyone from anywhere. No matter what you are doing and where you go, if you need to make a emergency call the only thing that a person needs to do is get your mobile and make the call even if you are working at your desk or sleeping. Mobile has things so much easier that you do work and talk to friend or family or to whoever you want to. There is no need to stop working and that can happen with earphones or head phones.

With the help of headphones or earphone, one can talk to any person and it is also possible to listen to music if you are get some entertainment while working and the best part is that you won’t be disturbing other people who are busy in their work around you. You can do all the talking on phone or listen music even when you are riding a bike if you are wearing headphones.

In the past manufacturer only made wired headphones or earphone but with the advancement in technology this also changed, now there are many kinds of wireless headphones are available in the market which are known as Bluetooth headphones. Being wireless is not the only quality this product has there are many other qualities as well such as these headsets do not use a lot of battery power which keeps your phone working for a long time even if you are listening music on it.

There are many other types of wireless headsets such as frequency headphones, these works by making the use of radio waves to link two devices, a transmitter and a receiver. The other type is infrared headphones, which are also wireless and use infrared frequency waves for communication between the linked devices. The big difference between these two wireless headset type and Bluetooth headset is that these both types have very limited signal transmission range and Bluetooth is giving more range than these two which is up to 10 meters, especially for Class 1 devices.

Bluetooth headset manufacturer has made this product so perfect that it can be used with a lot of devices, mostly wired or wireless devices has limited phones to which those can be attached, only Bluetooth heatset is manufactured to get connected with a large number of devices.

These days, the most common device used with Bluetooth-capable headphones, Advanced Audio Distribution Profile lets many mobile phones to stream high-quality audio to your Bluetooth-capable headphones. There are many headsets which also have built-in microphones which mean that with heatset a person can also talk on phone without carrying it in his hand all the time but it is important that he remains in the frequency range which is up to 10 m.

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