About: Cory Blancato


  • Cory, thank you for taking the time to share your story and journey. From afar, we have seen an incredible growth in the person you are and your successes in life. If you can, briefly touch upon what you currently do and the progression of how it all happened.

Sure! There are a couple moments I think back to in my life that had a huge impact on me, but this moment changed everything. Visiting Big Sur for the first time completely changed me, and steered my life into a totally unexpected direction. It sparked a passion for nature and photography inside me that I never knew could exist. It led me on a path that merely a year later had me driving across country to live in California. It’s also where my fiancé and I got engaged, so it holds a pretty special place in my heart. I now live in San Jose and work for a Silicon Valley tech company, but my main passion in life is still and will always be photography.

  • Describe your biggest dream, goals, passions in your life.

So many goals! They all pretty much stem from photography and travel, so I won’t go too much into detail but one that is always on the forefront of my mind is to never stop exploring. As long as I keep this goal, everything else will fall into place. My goals for the next year are to get some brand work and do outdoor lifestyle shoots, and hopefully even do adventure-style engagement/elopement photography! There’s so many incredible locations out here that makes these types of shoots perfect. Just need a trusting couple, and I think I’ll do alright!

  • What was one important moment in your life that changed you in a positive way?
    Realizing how important our earths natural beauty is, and how it can instantly change your mood and bring you happiness. It’s the reason I bought a camera!
  • Was there a moment as you were chasing this goal, that you said to yourself “This isn’t meant to be, or I can’t do this?” How did you push through that emotion?

I struggle with this sometimes watching other photographers traveling all the time, shooting in these incredible locations and living this “dream” life, traveling to all these incredible locations to shoot and making a living off of doing what they love. It’s easy to get discouraged if you look too into it. Comparing yourself to others “highlight reel” is a dangerous road to go down, and it will only fill you with self-doubt and stifle your creativity. Luckily, I have a great support system with my fiancé keeping me encouraged and on my feet.

  • Who/what inspires you day in and day out?

Oh man, I have so many ways I would like to respond to this question! I’m always inspired by anybody who dedicates their lives to reaching their dream, no matter the circumstance.

Yosemite National Park (Photograph taken by Cory Blancato)
  • Personally, what is one main goal you have set for yourself in this journey?

To never stop exploring and to never stop pushing myself to get better at what I do.

  • The most important thing that I’ve learned is that you need to be happy. I’m still learning that and trying to make others happy as well in the process. Are YOU happy?

I am definitely happy! I’m looking forward to Winter and seeing what adventures come with it.

Cory, this is your story, your success and accomplishments. I hope you are proud of everything you have done up until this point and are exciting for whats to come. This is what our lives are all about. We have one chance at this and you are doing things that YOU want to do and thats awesome.

Thank you again for the time.

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