There was an app for that! 😉

The more I read mobile app economy dynamics research white papers on one hand and articles about businesses shutting down their apps on the other, than more I see a problem. Businesses have a real hard time with app discovery on the app stores. I think it’s about time to shrink iTunes App Store and Google Play store.

That famous “3M apps combined” mantra is slowly moving to 3,5M and on and it’s not an exaggeration — these are real life figures. Ok. Now, are you familiar with this saying “The number of smart people on the planet Earth is a constant but the population keeps growing!”? No, please — I am not saying that people who make these apps belong to this latter part, they are brilliant folks! The problem is — we don’t need more apps, I mean the same apps -:) We need different apps. Do you think there are 3M different ideas to build apps based on? I doubt. Well, perhaps there are but human beings on this planet do not have time for them all.

I used to love this Apple’s catchy phrase “There is an app for that!” But at this point we really need to focus on quality but not quantity. I think Apple and Google need to consider offering developers alternating for what to do with dead apps, the apps that went to oblivion months and years ago and at this point present an obstacle to great apps. What they can possibly offer to app owners?

  • Launch apps code marketplace for people to sell them apps to somebody, who may come up with a better use for their apps.
  • Make a tough decision — shut down apps that nobody find and download. If apps haven’t being updated for, let’s say, a 1.5 year and downloaded for 2 months — shut them down. I have a feeling the world won’t miss those apps. Most likely they won’t even notice it. Seriously.
  • Shut down even more apps and promote HomeKit and the other kits to encourage developers to creat innovative apps and abandon “one more casual game/one-trick-pony utility app that mimics hundreds of others”

I do advocate to stop growing the iTunes App Store and Google Play store and even reverse their growth. The time of exponential growth is gone. It’s time to switch the gear.