AT&T Provides Fixed Wireless Internet for Rural Areas through New Technology

AT&T Fixed Wireless Internet has now been made available for rural and underserved areas that require internet for their homes and businesses. The device has been provided for residents in 18 states within the country. Currently there are more than 160,000 locations that AT&T has provided the Fixed Wireless Internet for and by the end of 2020, the company aim to have reached more than 1.1 million locations.

According to the organization, it has been offering connection to rural communities within the country for many decades, ranging from telephone service to wireless internet service. The company has continued to make it its priority to provide new and active technologies to locations where they are needed most.

In 2015, the organization declared its commitment to provide high speed internet to over 1.1 million rural locations by 2020 as a significant part of its participation in Federal Communications Commission program. According to the company, they plan to cover about 60% of this projection by the end of 2018. The plan is to offer high speed internet connection to a total of 660,000 small business and homes by the end of 2018. This effort has engendered new opportunities, education, entertainment, and information to locations where good internet connection was previously not available.

The Fixed Wireless Internet is being used by AT&T to meet a great part of its commitments in the 18 states that it currently service, including Arkansas, Georgia, Alabama, California, Illinois, Florida, Kansas, Louisiana, Kentucky, Ohio, Indiana, Tennessee, Mississippi, Michigan, Wisconsin, Texas, South Carolina, and North Carolina.

Understanding all about Fixed Wireless Internet Speeds

There are various factors that influence the internet service package offered to you by AT&T. These factors affect the real speed of internet you experience per time. Generally, your service capability speed is referred to as the rate at which the company provides internet traffic to and fro your office or home. Content and data you receive or send travels through many paths before getting to the final destination. The speed is usually measured in kilobits, megabits, and gigabits, which is transmitted within a second. Many applications such as email without any attachment or general web browsing do not require high capacity speeds to optimally function. Activities like receiving or transferring large files on the other hand require higher speed internet services. AT&T is committed to providing high speed internet service to the underserved and rural areas within the country.

New Generation Fixed Wireless

Undoubtedly, millions of household in the U.S. do not have access to wired internet service but with fixed wireless connection, these household can have the access that a wired network does not offer. AT&T recently stated its plan to expand access to the company’s ultra-fast connectivity using the CBRS spectrum band. This will enable the company provide better network capacity, faster download speeds, and improved connectivity through the use of Massive MIMO over shared spectrum band of 3.55–3.7GHz

There are many new technologies that AT&T plans to launch anytime soon among which is the Project AirGig. This is aimed to provide high speed internet to the rural and suburban neighborhoods in the future.

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