Ericsson adds improvements to 5G

Ericsson is set to expand and improve its end-to-end platform of 5G by including software and hardware products to its Radio System portfolio.

While taking steps to provide solutions to the need for flexibility of Radio Access Network (RAN) among service providers, Ericsson has decided to launch its RAN Compute portfolio. The Radio Access Network is an architecture that enables service providers to flexibly allocate the functions of RAN, such as radio control and beam-forming, where needed, in order to perfect the performance of use case while reducing the total expenditure of ownership.

This includes the current basebands as well as the four latest RAN Compute products which offer up to 3 times the capability of the existing basebands. Two of the latest RAN Compute basebands allow service providers to centrally install RAN functions, or at radio site. The other two processors allow the functions of RAN to be positioned nearer to the radio for an improved ultra low latency and mobile broadband applications.

According to the Executive President & Head of Business Area Networks of Ericsson, Fredrik Jejdling, the software and hardware that are launched will continue to tackle the needed flexibility for the next generation of networks. These products offer customers an adaptable and expanded 5G platform that makes for an easy deployment of the 5G.

Ericsson is also launching its newest Spectrum Sharing software which expands the adaptability of the Radio System of Ericsson for the deployments of 5G. This offers service providers with a better opportunity of turning on the 5G while enhancing the network coverage. The Ericsson Spectrum Sharing will allow a fast and smooth network migration through dynamic and simultaneous support of both 4G and 5G within a single spectrum band with the usage of the Ericsson Radio System. This will make for a seamless switchover when operators make the necessary transition. This innovative functionality can be executed via remote software deployment on Ericsson Radio System.

The Ericsson Spectrum Sharing facility will enable providers of communications services distribute 5G coverage nationwide with more flexible spectrum migration approach. This will remove the need for devoting current 4G spectrum assets to 5G inactively, and ultimately eliminate the negative impact on 4G performance. The Intel Vice President & General Manager of Next-Generation and Standards, Asha Keddy, stated that Intel is totally in support of Ericsson Spectrum Sharing efforts to improve the experience of users as wireless networks all over the world transit to 5G NR. According to Keddy, this move is in synergy with Intel’s modem strategy at a higher level. Intel is actively partnering across the industry’s ecosystem to allow for a more powerful and flexible features in solutions across network, device, and cloud.

Qualcomm has also shown strong interest in the launch of the improved radio system. According to the Vice President- Engineering & General Manager of Qualcomm Technologies, Durga Malladi, Qualcomm is dedicated to Smartphone-based commercialization of the technology of 3GPP Rel15 5G NR in the first half of next year. He went further to state that as part of the 5G Commercial deployments currently happening at scale, Qualcomm welcomes the 3GPP Rel15-based Spectrum Sharing from Ericsson as a technology enabler in enlarging the business rollout of the 5G to bands that are now in use by 4G.

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