Functions of Massive MIMO

Massive MIMO is a new technology that allows multiple antennas to transfer large quantity of data to various devices simultaneously. Samsung, Ericsson, and Nokia are setting up massive MIMO with Sprint within the 2.5 GHz band as another solution to increase capacity for high density areas, where in the near future 100mbps — 1gbps for a cellular device will be the norm.

Massive MIMO would be critical in dense applications like airports

This latest technology is a game changer in the world of mobile broadband. Massive MIMO comes with “beam-forming” that allows technology and radio head to utilize target RF focus and transfer to specific users while simultaneously transmitting and receiving with other devices.

Massive MIMO is a active smart antenna with a cluster of singular radio heads and radiating elements working together in order to focus on a specific device. In addition to this, they have the capacity and skill to help them measure the RF signal so that it can focus on a specific area. This is done with the elevation and azimuth both compacting into one single beam of RF which would then call 3D beam-forming to focus on a specific geographical area within the sectors coverage area. Imagine various groups of elements carrying out this function at the same time and in the same antenna unit.

Theoretically, from a 2017 RF engineering study conducted by Emil Björnson, associate professor in communication systems at Linköping University, not only is there potentially unlimited capacity from Massive MIMO systems, but the power output needed is a fraction of current systems due to having multiple signals propagated to find the best path (beam forming)

To achieve this, it takes the cooperation of a team and in this case, a large collection of some tiny radio heads and radiating elements in individual active antenna. No doubt, this technology is quite amazing. Massive MINO has the capacity to transfer more data but not essentially to individual devices. Additionally another piece of magic in the whole process is that the new beam-forming technology will permit it to transfer more data to many more devices at the same time.

For some large carriers, they will require more spectrum to get the huge benefits of massive MIMO. This is why many are very interested in attaining the 24GHz spectrum and the 3.5GHz. There is no doubt that massive MIMO is set to be the game changer for the LTE as well as the 5G technology. This new technology will improve effectiveness for the carriers in a new dimension. It is a journey and it is definite that we will get there.

There are some important points that should be noted about massive MIMO and these have been highlighted below:

· Massive MIMO is for both 4G LTE and 5G , and it can be used on the two technologies at the same time.

· Massive MIMO requires active antenna. It is much more than the regular 8 transmit and 8 receive that is typical of today’s MIMO. It typically requires 64 transmit and 64 receive in the same active antenna

· Massive MIMO will not require more power per radio, but will likely have more power to the antenna cluster (about the same as a 60 watt light bulb)

· Engineering massive MIMO will take more time. In other words, a good RF engineering plan will be required to carry out this task

· Massive MIMO is for both TDD and FDD. The only difference is that the FDD will require a set of elements for transmitting and another set for receiving while the TDD will use the same element on the antenna to transmit and receive.

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