Overview of DDOS Mitigation Techniques and Top Vendors

A DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attack refers to a malicious effort to render an online service temporarily unavailable to users. The attack is usually instigated and distributed through compromised devices. Recently, the attacks have significantly increased and spread across platforms such as e-commerce sites, financial institutions, and other crucial infrastructures.

The DDoS attacks can be grouped into three; protocol attacks, volume based attacks, and application layer attacks. Protocol attacks include Ping of Death, fragmented packet attacks, Smurf DDoS, and SYN floods, among others. These attacks devour server resources or other intermediate communication equipment, like load balancers and firewalls.

When it comes to choosing DDos protection solutions, there are various options that are available and it can be a bit difficult to choose the perfect solution that fits your business. There is scrubbing service solutions, which can be quite expensive because the size of the attack determines the service costs. Unfortunately, there is no way to predict the actual size of attack until they occur. There is also the cloud based mitigation/scrubbing service solutions, which offer protection against volumetric and large attacks alone but not effectively against slow and low application layer attacks. There is also the on-premises solutions, which may be a better choice for organizations looking for the best value in terms of total cost of ownership.

Top Vendors for DDoS Mitigation Solutions

Some of the top vendors offering DDoS mitigation solutions are highlighted below:

· Radware DefensePro

The Radware hybrid attack mitigation service incorporates DDoS protection on-premise and real time WAF and SSL protection with cloud service that activate on-demand solutions. This DDoS mitigation solution is designed to help organizations combat the sophisticated security war against contemporary attacks by identifying and mitigating the attacks real time. It also offers protection against the emerging threats that may be undetected by some conventional DDoS mitigation solutions such as attacks initiated from IoT botnets, SSL-based flood attacks, and login pages attacks. The Radware DefensePro features a dedicated hardware to combat attacks, and behavioral based detection that engenders highest accuracy in detection. It also features Smart SSL attack mitigation and automated zero-day DDoS mitigation service.

· CloudFlare

CloudFlare is a leading defense services company with high performing DDoS protection solutions. Organizations who buy CloudFlare’s solutions are not required to install any software or hardware. They simply pay a fixed monthly subscription for the protection of the networks and route their public traffic through CloudFlare’s servers. Irrespective of the number and strength of the attacks, CloudFlare has the capacity to mitigate the attacks and protect the organization’s system and network. Cisco, Nasdaq, and Salesforce are some of the organizations using the CloudFlare DDoS mitigation solutions. CloudFlare has its network spread over 102 data centers. It has the capability of dealing with over 10 TBps sustained traffic and combat any type of attacks. When an organization signs up for CloudFlare DDoS mitigation solutions, its DNS will be configured to reroute traffic through CloudFlare data centers while monitoring the traffic pattern changes of the website, detecting and blocking attacks before they get to the company’s server. This ensures that only genuine visitors have access to a website.

· Corero SmartWall Network Threat Defense (NTD)

The Corero SmartWall TDS belongs to the category of the DDoS mitigation hardware solutions that removes cyber threats real-time. The solutions entail innovative technology designed to mitigate DDoS attacks of various sizes, such as stealthy sub saturating attacks, and in seconds versus minutes. This aims to allow good and genuine traffic to flow freely and enables services and applications to remain continuously online, even when under attack. Enterprises can set up combinations of SmartWall Network Threat Defense solutions to provide DDoS threat protection without affecting the connectivity or performance of their virtualized and physical networks. The solution offers full visibility and protection against volumetric DDoS attacks in layers 3 through 7 for IPv4 and IPv6 traffic. The SmartWall NTD analytics and hardware provides an all-inclusive DDoS protection in speedy scalable deployments for greater connectivity, broader functionality, and higher performance. It is important to mention that they can also be paired with cloud based DDoS mitigation solutions.

· Cisco Guard XT 5650

Cisco DDoS Mitigation hardware offers an extensive and powerful DDoS protection system. It is designed to conform to the scalability and performance requirements of the most demanding and biggest enterprise environments. The Cisco Guard XT offers unparalleled protection solutions against the sophisticated and subtle attacks. With two different Gigabit Ethernet Interfaces, the Guard XT can seamlessly route attack traffic at a rate that is as high as full gigabit per second. It is essential to mention that the Cisco Guard XT is a part of an all-inclusive detection and mitigation solution that offers protections for hosting centers, enterprises, service provider environments, and government agencies from DDoS attacks. When combined with Cisco Traffic Anomaly Detector XT, the Cisco Guard XT performs detailed flow level of attack analysis; identification and mitigation services that are needed to block attack traffic and stop it from disrupting the operations of network. Cisco Traffic Anomaly Detector XT helps to detect the presence of worm, DDoS, and other attacks, and it alerts Cisco Guard XT to start diverting the attack traffic for critical inspection, while genuine traffic continues to flow freely.