T-Mobile launches “Internet of Things” Network Nationwide

In another step for bringing wireless technology and the “Internet of Things” to a worldwide, eager audience, T-Mobile recently launched its NB-IoT (Narrow Band / Internet of Things) network all over the United States.

The company said that the NB-IoT is designed purposely for Internet of Things application and can now be accessed nationwide. The SVP of T-Mobile’s 5G and IoT Businesses, Dave Mayo, elucidates that the launch implies that the NB-IoT services are now accessible across T-Mobile’s 2.1 million-square mile network and coverage area of 320 millions of POPs.

Horizon Communications, building a long range wireless infrastructure throughout the Caribbean, also includes not only home and business internet but also connecting the various technology items for Internet of Things, including vehicles, water monitoring sensors etc.

For about a year now, T-Mobile has been talking about the NB-IoT network and how it plans to have it operational soon. In July 2017, the operator mentioned that it has just concluded its first live tests of LTE based NB-IoT technology with Ericsson and Qualcomm over sites on its network. These tests were carried out using a total of 200 KHz from its AWS spectrum in Las Vegas. In January of this year, the carrier announced its NB-IoT service plan that will offer up to 12MB per connected gadget at a cost of $6 in a year.

Mayo further explained that T-Mobile now plans to extend its nationwide offer through its latest partner program called T-Mobile Connect. This program is designed to pair device and solutions providers with customers. He went further to say that the IoT services provided by T-Mobile will also be accessible through the Programmable Wireless service launch by Twilio in April.

According to Mayo, the company is in the process of putting together a compilation of IoT applications which will be distributed through the sales channels of the company. These applications will be distributed majorly to small and medium sized enterprises, businesses, and government. Talking about the market penetration strategy of T-Mobile’s IoT, Mayo said he does not think about the new IoT only in terms of verticals but more on its horizontal effects simply because horizontals usually have applications over many industries. This method, according to Mayo is a totally different way of connecting to the market as opposed to what competitions have done.

Mayo also reiterated that T-Mobile is determined to zero in on applications such as sensors for overflow situations, monitors for lighting controls, and fleet tracking, among others. He also said that the company will also focus on the provision of solutions instead of just connections. While giving this information, he revealed that Netcracker will be providing the management platform that the customers of T-Mobile can use to administer their IoT solutions and connections.

He also explained that the NB-IoT network will support inexpensive solution plans and longer battery life for different devices. Mayo added that the NB-IoT modules will come at a cost of about $10 per device and this price is expected to fall when sales pick up.

He further revealed that the NB-IoT network will function alongside the existing Cat 1 IoT network, which is a more costly modules and service plans. He went on to say that the organization will continue to operate its 2G network for a while but new IoT customers will be directed to the new NB-IoT network.

Gilbert A Darrell is the Founder of Horizon. He has 18 years experience in information technology and telecom solutions, a veteran in Fire and EMS Services, a crypto enthusiast and a member of the Bermuda Government’s Cryptocurrency Task Force.

Horizon Communications is an upcoming fixed wireless internet and cellular service provider looking to provide services in Bermuda, the Caribbean, and Central America before expanding internationally. While utilizing 4th generation and soon 5th generation wireless technology,it will also heavily incorporate blockchain and cryptocurrency technology.

More information can be found on their website — www.HorizonComm.co