Using Siklu for Network Backhaul

For ISP’s and mission critical connections, backhauls is really where you tie everything together. These point to point links used to be over copper lines (still in place all over the world) and then over fiber when available, but increasingly wireless / microwave backhaul solutions have found a strong market in the connectivity arena.

The Siklu Kilo products series are known to be among the most widely installed 70–80GHz radios all around the world. Siklu is a pioneer organization known to offer advanced and high quality products in the market. In addition, it is also the first in leading performance when it comes to offering multi Gbps connections across many miles of distance. Siklu Kilo series products are typically set up on towers or rooftops, with the strong support for external antennas that the user can deploy about 0.5 inch to 2 inch antennas. It is essential to mention that all these depend on the level of range that is required.

The capacities begin at about 700 Mbps TDD with EH — 1200TX product. It can also go as high up as 10 Gbps Full Duplex with FDD EH — 8010. The Siklu exclusive rights RFIC implementations offers capacities that supports at varying ranges attaining as high as 4.3 miles, which is 6.9km. This is at a cost that has been at the fore front and has dramatically enlarged the market for the gigabit connectivity within the spectrums of E band.

Very similar to the 60 GHz or V band products, the EtherHaul Kilo Series has supported wide frequency agility within the 70–80 GHz band. It also supports the highly narrow beams which have resulted in more or less unlimited spectrum for solid installations of EtherHaul radios. All these results are attained from a product family that delivers multi Gigabit throughputs that are designed for network backbones, fibre extensions, and mobile backhaul at distance and prices that cannot be beaten.

Class Construction and Performance of Carrier

· It features small form factor; an all outdoor IP67 evaluated system

· It also features up to 10 Gbps complete duplex throughput that ranges as high as 4.3 miles, which is 6.9km

· It is field proven technology that yields as high as 90-yr MTBF (mean time between failure)

· It offers real time connectivity featuring <10ms latency sustenance for the most challenging delay sensitive applications

· Offers elective integrated timing across SyncE and packet 1588v2 with SSM schemes which facilitates accurate and reliable synchronization of mobile backhaul

· Prioritization of payloads utilizing hit-less adaptive modulation that is synced with the 8 levels of QoS.

The Spectrum Agility

· Features interference-free operation within the 70–80 GHz band with FDD or TDD support

· Also comes with up to 10 GHz of accessible spectrum within the 70–80 GHz band, up to 32 non overlapping, pencil width beams featuring tiny Fresnel zone, and user selectable channels that yield industry’s biggest spectrum re-use aspect

Flexible Interfaces and Topology

· Products are created for seamless set up and commissioning utilizing implanted tools to enhance channel selection, zero touch commissioning, and load testing.

· Highly advanced networking toolkit designed to generate flexible topologies within chains, drop/insert, and sub- 50msec durable rings

· Comes with layer-2 support through a built-in Gigabit button with additional fibre and copper ports that enable faultless cascading

· MEF compliant Ethernet OAM as well as CFM — IEEE802.1ag/ITU-TY.1731/IEEE802.3ah — for sophisticated troubleshooting and monitoring.

Gilbert A Darrell is the Founder of Horizon. He has 18 years experience in information technology and telecom solutions, a veteran in Fire and EMS Services, a crypto enthusiast and a member of the Bermuda Government’s Cryptocurrency Task Force.

Horizon Communications is an upcoming fixed wireless internet and cellular service provider looking to provide services in Bermuda, the Caribbean, and Central America before expanding internationally. While utilizing 4th generation and soon 5th generation wireless technology,it will also heavily incorporate blockchain and cryptocurrency technology.

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