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The field of computational linguistics has a long list of unsolved problems that have been challenging linguists all around the world for decades now. Disciplines like Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Machine Translation (MT), as well as speech technologies like Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) and Text-To-Speech (TTS), despite having proved successful in the past few years, still lack the naturalness that is inherent to human communication.

Before delving into the challenges faced within the field of Computational Linguistics, we must first understand its definition.

What is Computational Linguistics?

Computational linguistics explores the ways machines can automatically process and interpret natural human language. Research in…

Covid-19 has changed how businesses work and how customers consume and interact with their brands. A major challenge for businesses is how to meet customer demands for omnichannel strategies, while handling limited access to employees. CPaaS, or communications-platform-as-a-service, presents the best solution for organizations to integrate and augment the existing technologies contact centers already have. This way, contact centers can face heavy call volumes and enable remote workers to be more efficient while providing quality customer experience. The combination of CPaaS with solutions like Conversational AI (CAI) can deliver market leading customer experiences. Consumers can interact with brands and receive…

Mention “ Artificial Intelligence “ (AI) and people might think you are talking about science fiction and shiny robots while in fact the science of AI has been around for decades and is all very real.

In fact, recent results from a large survey of machine learning researchers predict AI will outperform humans in many activities in the next ten years, such as translating languages (by 2024) all the way to working as a surgeon (by 2053). …

Teneo’s suggestions tab will give you an overview of different errors and other potentially problematic issues. They are automatically detected and prioritized in your solution for you so you can easily address them.

The suggestions tab is relevant throughout the entire development process of a solution. You can find the suggestions tab in the solution’s backstage under the optimization area:

This is the first chapter of “Digital Transformation: The Definitive Guide (2021)”.

Every industry has its buzzwords, from gurus, wizards and ninjas to words like synergize, leverage and streamlining. At a certain moment, digital transformation could have been considered by sceptics as another buzzword to add to the list, but in case there was any doubt, the Covid-19 outbreak has driven companies to reshape their entire business models, with many launching digital initiatives in a very short time.

Now there is no doubt. Digital transformation is not a fad; it is an imperative for every industry.

Throughout history, new…

The insurance industry is often associated with legacy processes, hefty paperwork and complex affairs. So how are AI chatbots in insurance changing the business?

You could be forgiven for thinking that there is scarce room for digital transformation in the sector. However, no industry is exempt from the need to innovate. When customer-demands set new market standards, those who fail to ride the wave of innovation can find themselves grasping for survival.

Customer expectations have changed the way businesses work across many sectors. Competition between companies is growing, and there are more options available for customers than ever before.


Are there any apps that don’t exist yet? It’s not many years ago that the word “app” had very little meaning to most of us. However, when Apple launched its “App Store” in 2008 the word soon became a global term and in 2010 it was listed as “Word of the Year” by the American Dialect Society. Today the world of smartphones and tablets would not be what it is without its billions of apps.

According to a forecast by Statista, the market for mobile applications will continue to accelerate as the number of downloaded apps is expected to increase…

Testing your conversational AI solution is an important part of assuring the quality and making sure your bot works as it should. In this tutorial, you will learn how you can assure the quality of the solution you have built in Teneo Studio.

Auto-testing in Teneo allows you to perform quality assurance tasks during the development and maintenance of a Teneo solution.

Auto-test checks example questions associated with flow triggers and transitions. It verifies that positive examples fire the trigger and transition while negative examples do not. For Auto-test to work, it requires that you have added positive examples to…

Teneo offers you extensive possibilities to test and debug your solution before going live with changes and additions. The panels on the right in the main solution view work together to make this happen:

  • Try out: this is the chat panel where you simulate user inputs and see the bot response.
  • Inputs: this is the panel where you simulate input parameters to your bot.
  • Response Info: this panel displays all information associated with each stage of the transaction.
  • Engine: usually not needed: session details, including debug messages (printlns added to scripts).

You can open these panels via mouseclick as follows:

Virtual assistants and chatbots are great tools for improving customer service in any company. However, to be able to become a great customer service agent there is some work to do to make it fit your business needs.

Businesses today have their own way of naming things and the same way you would need to train any co-worker on the business vocabulary, you need to train the virtual assistant. That is when customization starts.

Teneo comes with a collection of pre-built Entities that you may use in your flows. If your business has certain sets of entities that you need…

Artificial Solutions

Engage your customers with conversational AI over any channel, device or service, in any language, anywhere, using our revolutionary Teneo platform.

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