Top Boarding Schools in India

Tula’s International — A Modern Gurukul

India is known for its quality of education since the Vedic age. In India, the Gurukul style education was given centuries ago that focused on the overall development of the students. In modern times, boarding schools take that trend forward. Dehradun is known for its boarding schools. Some of the best boarding schools in India are situated in the lush green valleys of Dehradun. The top boarding school of Dehradun is Tula’s International school, which is also known as the modern Gurukul. Continuing the old tradition of Gurukul and keeping up with the modern times makes Tula’s International the top boarding school of India. Nestled in the hills, away from all the noise and pollution of the cities, Tula’s offers the best study environment to the students. The surroundings are clean, safe and calm, which are pleasing to eyes and mind as well. The students of Tula’s International experience a gurukul style lifestyle with all the modern amenities. The Tula’s is also the top International school in India, introducing the students to a multicultural environment.

A boarding school has an extra responsibility of personal nourishment of the students who are living away from their homes. The Tula’s International co-ed boarding school conforms to this, and takes care of students’ mental and physical health. Counselling is made available to the students so as to help them adjust in a entirely different environment away from their family. The rooms are large, with good ventilation. Study tables, cupboards, and lamps are provided to the students. There is 24x7 supply of clean drinking water. Bathrooms are cleaned and maintained by the cleaning staff, and hot water is also available. The warden is strict as well as extremely caring towards the students. To ensure the security of the students, CCTV cameras are installed and security guards are on duty 24x7. The health and dietary needs of the students are taken care of. There is a large dining hall where the meals are served, where the students eat together like a large family. Boarding life also instils in the students a sense of teamwork and bonding. They learn to live by the schedule and thus learn the importance of time at a young age. They become independent and responsible at a young age which helps them significantly for the rest of their lives. The students are also made to indulge in playing sports like volleyball, tennis, basketball, squash, cycling, horse riding, cricket, billiards, swimming etc to improve their physical health and fitness. Among the most sought-after sports at TIS are volleyball, cycling and horse riding.

Apart from studies and sports, the students at Tula’s are given alot of opportunities to explore their fun and creative side. They can participate in music and dance, and art and craft. They can also be the part of various clubs like Potters’s Wheel (Clay Modelling Club), Bookworm (Book Reading Club), Raga Rocks (Music Club), The Circuit (Electronics Club), Khana Khazana (Cookery Club), Vibgyor (Arts and Crafts Club), Shutterbug (Photography Club), Gulmohar (Nature Club) and Flamingo (Dance Club). These clubs are a medium of bringing out the innovative artist in a child. These unique clubs are a part of Tula’s initiative to hone the unpolished skills of the students. The teachers at Tula’s are highly qualified and play the role of a guru as well as of a parent. The teachers are well acquainted with all the students personally, and therefore ensure the wellbeing of each and every child.

Therefore, a boarding school not only provide education but also enrich the lives of the students on a personal level. The Tula’s International, top boarding school of Dehradun, and ensures the overall development of the students. The hardworking and highly proficient teachers raise the students to be diligent and independent global citizens. True to its name, Tula’s International is a modern Gurukul, which blends traditional education system with modernity.