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Part 1 — setting up the Decred software from source

Hello and welcome back to the Decred Node series! I am delighted to see you back after what I’d put you through the first time around in the first and second part of the Decred Node tutorial series. I hope the ride was as enjoyable as it was educational and that you’re ready for more, because, believe it or not, there is much, much more to be discovered and learned in the wonderful world of the command-line interface.

In this installment, we will take a further step into the CLI using the Decred software as an example, to set up a node, just like before, but this time without using binary files and going straight back to the source (code). We’ll also extend the scope of the previous tutorial by, amongst other things, including elements like dcrwallet and dcrctl, two other crucial pieces of the Decred infrastructure, in it. …



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