What do you call your first post?…

Life has changed a lot in the past year. It’s hard, and it sucks, and I’m trying so hard to get healthy and “make something of myself” and I don’t know if any of it’s helping. Just slightly under a year ago, I wrote my second-last post on LiveJournal. I’ve posted once more recently, but I’ve also had to admit that the platform has really had it’s day, so here I am.

I still work at a grocery store for slightly more than minimum wage and slightly less than half-time. I’m job searching. I’m always job searching. I hate job searching. I’m trying to revive my Harry Potter Club. It’s something I let go when my Ex and I separated, and I’ve regretted it pretty much every minute since, so I’ve started a new group on Facebook, and most of my original club’s core members have joined me there. Now we just need to hold an actual meetup, and I’ll be able to call that a success.

I never talked about this on my old blog, but I’m poly and I’m bisexual, and I’m so SO tired of not being able to talk about it. Of course, I’m still living with my parents these days, so there’s a lot of not talking about things that I’m tired of not being able to talk about going on just now.

Speaking of, Mom has given me a deadline. I have just over another year to find a job I can actually live on and move out. Two years from when I first moved back: September 21.

Wish me luck.