16 Things All Independent Artist Must Do

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  1. Pounce on every opportunity
  2. Create great content and get it out there
  3. Work toward gaining more exposure for yourself
  4. Be open to new environments outside your comfort zone
  5. Increase the value you can offer other people
  6. Outwork everyone in your market everyday
  7. Go where you are motivated to take risks
  8. Focus on what’s important and the big picture
  9. Be ready for every possible outcome
  10. Excel at sales. Without sales, you have nothing.
  11. The more you reach out, the more opportunities will come
  12. Stop waiting for the perfect moment to jump
  13. Find a place where you make things happen
  14. Patience is everything. Push yourself to be better.
  15. Play the long term game and create an amazing legacy
  16. It’s not just about working hard, it’s also about working smart

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