30 second elevator pitch for musicians (5 tips)

In this video, you’ll learn 5 tips on how to create your 30 second elevator pitch for your music.

Tip # 1 Use Artist Comparisons. For example, our music is a mix of Amy Winehouse and Adele. My music is a combination of country and hip-hop. Listeners are looking of more of what they already love. Use that to your advantage.

Tip # 2 Prepare targeted elevator speeches. Customizing your elevator speech works. Gather enough information about the person and custom your elevator pitch to that person.

Tip # 3 Highlight what makes you different. Shine a spotlight on whatever make you unique and memorable.

Tip #4 Practice. Practice. Practice. A good pitch is tight, concise and radiates confidence. Remember to have have great eye contact, hand gestures, and watch your speed.

Tip #5 Always Close. Always be prepared to provide more information. Give people your business cards or download cards with contact information that give someone access to a free EP, track, or live performance.

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