Repetition Makes Perfect…

Being asked to produce 25 of the same things, especially something you have to be creative with, is actually a LOT harder than it looks.

Having to write 25 different, well-written, witty headlines for the exact same article was definitely not my cup of tea. I felt as if I was over exhausting my creativity just because someone asked me to. However, the assignment did give me a whole new mindset about headlines (despite how much I hate admitting it).

Your first draft most likely is NOT your best work.

That’s right, I said it. It took me a couple of tries to get some funny, eye-catching headlines for my article, “How to Survive a Sh*tty Roommate (College Edition).”

Oh, and after all that hard thinking and deep soul searching I had to for the multitude of headlines, I could only pick my favorite 3 to see which would gain the most traction on Twitter. To my amusement, the one I liked the least of my favorite three got the most attention.

Here are the results of each tweet:

The most popular headline.
Second place.
Third place.

None of these tweets were my first idea for a headline for the article. But I will repeat myself again, in case you did not fully catch on to my main point here…

Your first draft most likely is NOT your best work.

To completely solidify my point, here is the list of 25 headlines my brain managed to come up with:

  1. You’ll end up living alone if you don’t suck it up.
  2. The goal of college definitely IS NOT to kill your roommate.
  3. Not everyone is your soulmate… or roommate.
  4. Stop plotting the execution of your roommate.
  5. Chances are you’re not actually living with Satan. Because this isn’t hell, this is college.
  6. Remember, Mommy didn’t come to college with you.
  7. The Drama Queen, The Stoner, The Freak, The Psyco, and The Slob: It’s nothing like “The Breakfast Club.”
  8. It might seem like you’re already in a jail cell… but no need to end up there.
  9. PSA: You actually CAN talk to strangers (don’t tell my mom).
  10. College; where roommates go to live happily.
  11. Don’t be gloomy, talk to your roomie.
  12. You may talk like a sailor, but no need to live like one.
  13. Don’t go from class to an ass…
  14. College is like living with a stranger, because you’re living with a stranger.
  15. How bad can your roommate ACTUALLY be?
  16. Class sucks, the food sucks, and roommates suck. But they don’t have to.
  18. Jail time just might be easier than living with a roommate.
  19. Roommate…? Or DOOMmate?!
  20. Are you living with a legal adult or a toddler?
  21. Are you on a roll at college? Or did your roommate finish the last roll… of toilet paper.
  22. Sometimes it’s hard to see a difference between living with a roommate and living with an ex con.
  23. Have you ever thought that YOU could possibly be the hard person to room with? Of course not.
  24. I know you’re perfect, but just in case you’re not a perfect roommate…
  25. A roommate may be a blessing or a curse, but spoiler alert, it’s probably a curse.

Personally, it is clear to me that I need to dive in deeper to start getting some good (and sometimes extremely boring or strange) work. So, with that, I thank my professor for assigning the class to actually give a little more than a half-ass try. It has certainly opened my eyes!!