Photo taken by yours truly.

Carrer & Something More

Feeling so emotionally drained, right now. My day job is just stressing me out in a way most people won’t understand because, apparently, they don’t like stability and routine.

I like my days off to be the same every week and the same schedule everyday. Guess they’re trying to change that.

Recently, I’ve been needing to have some kind of outlet to distract me and at the same time be productive. I’m tempted to start doing videos on Youtube, as silly as that may seem.

Nowadays, everyone wants a Youtube channel and because of that I feel like everybody’s going to think I’m doing it as a trend. The thing is: I have some knowledge that I would like to share. And I thought I could do that in a creative way.

Mostly it’s about massage and muscles and maybe wellness - in a way we can all do massage, for example, at home or useful stretches at work. Don’t know if anyone would be interested in that but I still want to.

Who knows, maybe someday I’ll work on my own (or with people I truly like) and maybe work on doing videos as well.

Take care,


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