Photo taken by yours truly. — Chalet e Jardim da Condessa D’Edla

Scaredy Cat

Getting a little intimidated by all these creative and interesting people with their creative and interesting topics — while I’m just here, pouring my heart out.

I guess it’s as important.

Based on that, I developed a motivational guideline for when I feel this way:

  1. Personal growth Writing and letting my thoughts sit in paper may actually help me to find my way and understand myself as an individual. Often times, we forget who we really are — I always do as I’m always around other people.
  2. You do you Always believed that my gut leads the way. I can’t sit here being afraid of what might happen if I do it. I must try. Even if I don’t talk about the most interesting topic, I talk about what I’m passionate about, about what troubles me and my thoughts. That is enough.
  3. Those who mind Don’t matter. I guess they really don’t. Not saying I can’t take criticism and opinions about what I’m doing, but anyone saying “It isn’t worth it” or “You’ll end up giving up” should just leave.
  4. Be your best self And I believe this is what I must do to improve.

Maybe these guidelines will help somebody else with anything they want to try but feel something pulling them back. Sometimes we have to jump.

Take care,


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