“Let’s Finish The Day”

As a co-worker of mine used to say. Didn’t mean for today’s post to be negative at all. Since the previous one, a bunch of stuff has happened… and today got the worst of me.

During the past week I had a fight with my stepdad on my birthday, had a fight with my boyfriend the other day, received some bad news, and today I had a car accident. It’s okay, nothing serious but it still stressed me out because bad situations are occuring day after day.

As I said before, I keep thinking that after this series of events will make something good happen. But I’m losing hope. I tend to think the worst — of the situation AND of myself. Because I blame everything on who got it wrong.

I know I’m privileged in such a way that I can describe without being mistreated. I’m proud to have a great job, a great country, a great family. Some days are just harder than others. And in my case, it’s just a week.

Take care,


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